What to Expect

Experiencing a church for the first time is both exciting and scary. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from, you are welcome at the Vineyard Community Church. We are all about connecting with a real God and experiencing the hope found in His presence. That is why we have purposely designed our meeting space to create environments for that to happen. Our hope is that you will sense that you are welcome and we are glad you came from the moment you arrive!  Most importantly, we hope that you are able to connect with God in a new and personal way!

Sunday Service Expectations:

  • Smiling faces and a warm welcome:  We are all about community here at the Vineyard, so don’t be surprised if someone greets you with a handshake and asks you your name. You are important to us and we want you to feel welcome!
  • Kingdom Kid’s Check-In:  As you arrive, we will point you and your children towards the Kingdom Kid’s Check-in table.  If you have a child between the ages of 6 months and elementary school age, this is where you will check in your children for Kingdom Kid’s service.  Read More About Kingdom’s Kids
  • Auditorium:  Our “auditorium” is actually set up in an activities room.  An activities room is great for school plays and school testing but it’s not very inviting for a church service.  So, we’ve decorated it in a way that hopefully feels warm and inviting.
  • Refreshments:  We understand that coffee is “wake-up” juice for many of us, so we have plenty of it!  For our non-coffee drinkers, don’t worry – we have hot water so you can whip together your favorite tea or perhaps some hot chocolate.
  • Services begin at 10am:  Our worship is modern and contemporary because we believe that a lot of people can get into the music if it’s something they would listen to outside of a Sunday morning.  More than anything, our desire is that you CONNECT WITH GOD during our worship time so our worship time may be a bit longer than the average church.
  • Coffee Break: Immediately following worship and announcements, we will take a 5 minute break to refresh your coffee – but more importantly to say “hello” to someone you don’t know!  We are ALL about relationships and this is a time we value in connecting with you and those who are new to the Vineyard Community!
  • Message:  Pastor Sean or one of our leaders will share most likely from a series that we’ve been following for a couple of weeks.
  • Ministry Time:  After the message, Pastor Sean will invite us to come to the front to pray with one of our Prayer Team Members (who are seasoned Christians and approved by the leadership team).  You may feel inclined to receive prayer because you’ve been touched by the message or perhaps you have something going on in your life that you’d like prayer for.  Please let this time to be a ministry to you.