Compelled By God

This time last year, Sean was sharing from the teachings of the late Vineyard Founder John Wimber.  “Doing the Stuff” and “Everyone Gets to Play” were the taglines to motivate us corporately and individually to go and do the things Jesus modeled for us:  feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe the poor, and love the outcast…

Seeds were planted in our hearts to find someone with a need and meet it—right here in Prince William County.  One chilly day this winter brought us face-to-face with a couple in such need.  Their home was a lone tent in a small patch of woods behind Costco in Manassas.  We met them after purposing to fill our cars with supplies (blankets, socks, toiletries, water, snacks, etc.) and setting out in faith to find people who needed help.

We prayed the prayers you pray when you don’t know what to do, but you know you need to do it.  Fear threatened our little mission, but we were compelled to go.  The couple living in the woods received our provisions and allowed us to love them in the form of propane tanks, gloves, coats, and food.  The feeling was indescribable.

Instead of being overwhelmed by all that we couldn’t do, we decided to simply do what we could for the ones who were right in front of us.  It really is that easy.  Other testimonies of “doing the stuff” were shared in this season that furthered our deep stirring to get out and be the church.

Now fast forward to the Lent season this year.  As a church body, we jumped in with both feet to read A Place at the Table 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor by Chris Seay.  I have fasted many times in my life, but this was life-altering.  The idea was to eat and drink like the poor for 40 days and donate the money you saved to a project that serves the impoverished.  One day each week was a feast celebration to reflect on all our blessings from the Father.  It was a journey that truly dismantled thought patterns.

This experience gave fresh life to our desires to serve the poor.  A few hard workers ventured into the woods to clean up an area that had been used by people living in tents.  The experience revealed the hardships and despair of living outside.

Not long after that, we rallied to bring clothing, groceries and furniture to a young mother who escaped an abusive relationship.

Just a few weekends ago, household items were collected and sold in a yard sale to benefit Woodbridge HUGS (a local group working toward affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness).

God is moving.  He is stirring His Body to reach out to those around us.  Please don’t miss what He is doing.

Sean’s current message series is all about the Father’s Heart.  Knowing the Father will compel you to go—to go and love others in the power of the Holy Spirit.